8. Andary’s


Hello to new readers and to the rest of you, I’m really sorry I haven’t blogged here much lately. That is because of a few reasons. The usual excuse is that I’ve been really busy. Which I have. But the main excuse is that I’ve only been eating out at one place!

 I found Andary’s a short while ago. It was kind of hard to miss it as it is right by my house.  We drove by everyday and kept saying “we need to try that place.”

Well that day came and we haven’t been anywhere else since.  They do that greatest of things in my book. A breakfast that I want to eat at anytime of the day. Yeah there are a lot of places that can do an ommelete hash brown and toast. But Andary’s hash browns are always perfect. They get them crispy just as I like them. Now other places do hash browns, but they can be flakey or squishy in the middle, Andary’s gets it just right each time.

Work of art!

I also love the fact that they have marmalade at every table. I hate having to ask for it. Toast is just not right without the marmalade.

Of course they do more than breakfast all day. Their fried chicken dinner is great, and the spaghetti gets two thumbs up from my youngest. I’ve never been one for american style pancakes, I’m a crepes fan, but my wife loves them!

But what she loves more is the salads.

The only Salad I would eat!

And who can resist a salad like this? The fruit salad plate is awesome. When my wife orders hers, my fork tends to gravitate towards her plate. Yes my omelette is great, but there is nothing like a fresh blackberry and some juicy water melon.

The Staff are always pleasant and the friendly atmosphere makes each return just like coming home.

If you are on Hall Road and you are hungry, stop in to Andary’s which can be found on the corner of Heydenriech and Hall.


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7. Achatz Pie Company

Its PI day, so why not add an E and make it PIE day.

hmmm Pie

How can you not like pie?  Well actually I’m fussy when it comes to pies. Being English I can’t stand cinnamon, so put that on an apple pie and I’m not touching it! I’m not a cake fan either, too fluffy for my mouth, though I will eat a chocolate cake if I’m forced.

Achatz Pie Company is a great place, they have several locations, check out their website http://www.achatzpies.com/

I used to work near their 26 mile and Gratiot factory and the smell from all the pie (depending on the wind blowing in the right direction) was unbearable, I would have to stop in and pick up a slice on my way home. They would every now and then drop off a free sample, which is a trick often used by drug dealers. Here try this, it’s pie, go on, you know you want to.

licking the menu, is not allowed

The wife and I popped in to the store at Hall and Hayes, we were craving pie, we’d been without for a while and were Jonesing. apparently licking the glass case is frowned upon, so we got our slices and left real quick. You can sit and eat at the store, but if we did that we’d end up buying more. As a precaution I sent my wife to Vegas this weekend to save some money rather than spending it all on pie.

All joking aside Achatz have a great selection of pies, there has to be something for every taste known to man, and woman. If you can control yourself it is sold by the slice. If not a whole pie is sitting there, sitting waiting, saying, take me home, eat me, you know you want to.

Ah damn it, now I need pie!

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6. California Pizza Kitchen

The California Pizza Kitchen at Partridge Creek mall just off of Hall Road, to be honest I hadn’t heard of it until last night. Like a osteritch I had my head stuck in the ground. I’ve lost count of the time I’ve been to the Mall there and must have just not been in the mood for pizza so passed it up.

My wife suggested that we go, so with a blog like this who was I to say no. Being honest again when I left the house I wasn’t in the mood for pizza either, so I was thinking I could find something else on the menu.  Well when you get there the menu looks great, lots of very cool foods on there.

Deep Fried Mac n Cheese.

The appetizer menu has some great choices, My wife ordered the guacamole which I am not a fan of but being a person who will try something new at least once I had to take a bite. And a second. Not bad at all. My daughter ordered the fresh made deep-fried Mac n Cheese. I love fried things, so of course I had to try that too. The fried part was great, the mac part was fine, the cheese was lacking. I prefer my cheese to bite back. Now the flavour of the cheese could have been dulled by my appetizer. I ordered a chicken quesadilla that was tangy and mildly spicy. I’d show you a picture of that but I ate it too fast. I will always say the best quesadilla I’ve ever eaten was at Caroline’s on Duvall Street in Key West.  This dish though comes a very close second, with a mix of sweet and spicy you will be wanting to take another bite just to experience the different tastes each mouthful offers. When I got the burst of cilantro I did something I never do with good food, I offered my wife and daughter a taste. They had to try it. With a recommendation like that you have to try it, though it will dull the flavour of a fried mac and cheese, I can live with that though!

Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza

A good selection of wines and beers made me happy, I just wish I have had to sample a few more of the Bass ales. Of course I changed my mind and ordered a pizza. The Hawaiian barbecue Chicken was just too tempting, with fresh pineapple on the top how can you go wrong? You can’t. Simple as that. The chicken tender and just the right quantity of barbecue sauce. Sometime these things can be over powering, but not here.

Just for the record the wife ordered the margarita pizza. It was ok, but I prefer my pizza big, rather than on thin flat bread.

If you have been here I’m sure you will agree with me that the staff are pleasant with just the right mix of friendliness and keeping their distance so you can enjoy the food.  If you haven’t been then take your time to go to the mall and just don’t be like me and miss it for so long.

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5. The Pantry

It took me two attempts to go eat at The Pantry. Those who know me well, know that if there is one thing I hate it is waiting in line. But if you go to The Pantry that is what you will find. This place is incredibly popular. I found that the best time to go there was later!

The Pantry. worth waiting for?

The day when the line wasn’t out the door was good enough for me to hang around though we still had a fifteen to twenty-minute wait to get a seat. There is an interesting sign that you can read while you are waiting that says that after you order you can still expect to wait thirty minutes or more for your food to appear. Well that’s O.K. with everything being made fresh.

I thought the best way to test The Pantry was to order my bulk standard eat out breakfast food. A bacon and cheese omelet with white toast and hash browns (extra crispy). Now at the Pantry the hash browns are not hash browns. They are more like potato flakes and to be honest I wasn’t impressed with them. The omelet though was fantastic, a very large impossible to eat quickly serving, my only complaint with them it could have been hotter. I like my food to come almost to hot to eat, its one of those things that takes me back to when I was a kid and I had to eat fast or my sisters would have eaten everything already. But the Pantry is not going to know about my sisters eating habits and so you can let that slide.  They do have my favorite thing though, but you have to ask for it. They have a great Marmalade.

The menu is large and they do have some great things to offer and I’ll have to go back to try their crepes. But I will be looking to see how full the parking lot is first. Enjoy the food if you go, but if you are like me, getting frustrated and waiting really puts a dent in your appetite.

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4. White Castle

WHITE CASTLE! He is going to blog about WHITE CASTLE? I did say when I started this blog that I would include all the food places on Hall Road, and guess what, White Castle just happened to get eaten today.

Bet you can't eat just one!

The White Castle on Hall Road is just like any other White Castle. You can get your Sliders how you like them and the fries are awful and I think they look anemic. But you can’t resist a White Castle, a sack of ten here, a crave case of thirty there. And you all know (if you have had them that when you are drunk they taste so much better. Of course White Castle remorse is a natural occurence. It can’t be helped. That bloated the next morning, the lingering smell that reminds you that White Castle is the only food I know of that smells the same coming out the other end. 

Today though I found something new out. After years of hating on White Castle fries, I now like them. Honest.  OK the fries are still awful, but now they have something to enhance them. They do  chili cheese fries now. The chili is made with Angus steak and tastes great. I would actually go there now just for that instead of the burgers.  One thing I will say though, if you do order the burgers and the chili, eat the burgers first otherwise the taste of the chilli overpowers the taste buds and you don’t get to savour that slider goodness…..or is that a good thing?

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3. Red Robin

I just want to let you know that this post is going to be negative. I don’t want to make a habit of it, but in this case I think it is needed.

I’ve eaten at a couple of Red Robin locations, the one on Gratiot and the one on Hall road and I’ve eaten at both on several occasions. So to say I’ve given the chain a fair shake of the stick and still it is not all good.

Red Robin, Yum?

For the most part the food is good, I’ve always liked their tower of onion rings for an appetizer and the Teriyaki burger I had there was interesting.  The restaurants are always interesting to be in, I love the decor. I have a thing for old signs and movie memorabilia so it is always good to look around and there is normally something I see that can start a good conversation. Trouble is, no matter how pleasing the walls, or tasty the food can be, it is the overall experience that defines if you enjoy a place or not. On one occasion I ordered a burger, they asked me how I wanted it, and I said, well.  So you would expect a nice well done burger, and I took my first bite and chewed and swallowed and knew something wasn’t right. I looked down to see a practically raw burger. The thought of it now still makes me sick.

But even after that I still went back.  This time, the food was cooked properly, but my waitress was quite frankly the worst server I’ve ever met. I know it’s a thankless job, but you would think for a job that is relying on tips to make a living you could at least be pleasant. She was rude and slow, forgetful and just down right miserable. And then to top it all she got our change wrong when we paid our bill. It wasn’t until we were driving home we realised and because it was a twenty-dollar mistake, and she did a terrible job, we decided to go back and get it. Now if she had been a good waitress we’d have said, you know what, she did a good job, keep it. But when we went back and she argued about the amount we realised going back was the right move.  Sometimes when you eat out you can have a bad time, but to have a bad time twice means I wont go back a third time.

 I don’t ask for much when I go out to eat. Some good food and a waitress who can count.

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2. Brann’s

I’ve eaten at a lot of places on Hall, so a lot of the first few posts here will be about the places I have already been to, as the blog gets going I shall be sampling new places.

Brann’s Sizzling Steaks and Sport Grille 17757 Hall Rd like Five Guys is one of my regular haunts. And again it is just co-incidence that I moved with five minutes of this location.  I love a good steak, but the temptation to turn left and go to Five Guys is always tempting. When I do turn right though the a good meal is always in store. Depending on how hungry I am I either get the 8oz Sirloin with loaded baked potato or the same and add a rack or ribs to it.

The staff are always pleasant although the T-shirts they wear that advertise the drinks specials annoy my wife because they have grammatical errors.  The bread rolls that come with the meal are great, I could make a meal out of those by themselves.  This is a great place to watch your favorite sports teams and enjoy a great meal. Each booth has its own TV and the other screens in the restaurant are placed so you can see all of the action without having to strain your neck too much.

Christmas time is when I try to go a few more times than normal. At that time of year they do a deal where if you buy a thirty dollar gift card you get ten dollars off your next visit. So we buy the gift card, and use it to pay for our meal, and then next visit we use the coupon and repeat. Brann’s is great value for what you get on your plate.

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